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Ace Your Next Video Interview: Tips from a Recruiting Expert!

Over the years as you’ve been on a job search, you’ve picked up some winning interview skills. Your perfect handshake and winning smile charm interviewers in person, and over the phone your personality shines through as though you were right in the room with the recruiter.

But just as you feel like you’ve mastered the in-person and phone interview, a new method has entered the picture – the video conference interview! As remote work and video conferencing become more popular, so has video interviewing. So we sat down with LogMeIn’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Liz Raymond to help you navigate this new interview avenue. It’s all about mixing the skills you’ve already honed with some new tricks to leverage the video conferencing medium to your benefit.

With these tips, you will become an interviewing triple threat!

1. Dress Like You’re Meeting In Person.

Dress up for success, or at least the part that will show up on camera. Although you aren’t going into the office for this interview, it is important to give this meeting the same amount of care and attention. Groom and dress yourself how you normally would if you were interviewing in-person. It’ll help get you in the right headspace for a professional, confident conversation. So make sure that what the camera sees is the best you.

2. Prepare Like it’s a Phone Interview.

One of the best aspects of a phone interview is the ability to lay out all the information you need right in front of you, as the interviewer is none the wiser. While the other person can see you in a video interview, it doesn’t mean that they can see your monitor. This is one of the biggest advantages of an interview over video conferencing! Pop up all your intel and notes on the company on your screen along with your resume or LinkedIn profile for reference. Don’t have enough space or need to share your screen to present to the interviewer? Print out resources and keep them away from the camera’s view.

3. Choose and Prepare the Right Environment.

You have the luxury of choosing where to meet, so take that responsibility seriously! It’s paramount that you choose the right location. This is somewhere with good lighting where you can focus, has no echo or background noise, and will not distract the interviewer (a tidy area and nothing moving or eye-catching behind you). You should be able to speak at an audible level and should not need to wear headphones. I repeat – do not wear headphones during the interview! It can be distracting and give off the vibe that the interview is not important enough for you to dedicate time to going somewhere quiet to take the video call.

When removing distractions from the room, also remember to mute or snooze notifications that might make noise or pop up on your screen. The last thing you want is your cousin sending a picture of their cat wearing a tuxedo popping up on your screen as you’re telling the interviewer your greatest strength!

4. Make Eye Contact.

Yes, in-person this is always the best habit, but it becomes incredibly difficult when making eye contact means staring at the camera lens and not the other person at all. The solution to this is to put them close together. By placing the video feed of the interviewer right below your computer’s camera, you create the semblance of eye contact while still looking at the person you’re speaking to. It’s also helpful to show visual cues such as nodding to build better rapport.

5. Have a Backup Plan.

No matter how much you trust your WiFi network or computer battery, I can promise you that the unexpected can still happen! It’s always important to have a back-up plan. Before the interview, be sure to ask your contact for a phone number to reach them directly if anything should happen to your connection. A rescheduled interview or one that’s slightly interrupted is much better than a missed interview. Plus, asking that question will show how seriously you’re taking the conversation, as well as your attention to detail.

6. Follow Up, and Quickly.

As with any interview, it’s important to always follow up with a thank you and additional questions afterward. A video interview is no less important to the recruiting process. As video interviews enable recruiters to interview more candidates at a faster pace, the speed to follow up is crucial here! Block time in your calendar later in the day to make sure you have the time to follow up. It would be a terrible waste to miss out on a new opportunity because you forgot to follow-up – especially since if you followed these tips, you no doubt aced the video conference interview!


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