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Room Launcher Books Your Next Meeting Space with a Single Click

If mobile apps could talk, ours would probably say, “I’ve got it from here.”

At GoToMeeting, success means knowing our customers have the ability to launch their meetings effortlessly – anywhere, anytime. To prove it, we’re introducing Room Launcher! This new feature allows you to launch meetings from your GoToMeeting mobile app by searching for available GoToRoom-enabled spaces nearby.

What makes Room Launcher so awesome?

  • It’s part of the GoToMeeting mobile app you already know and love. Simply update the app to get the newest version.
  • It provides an all-new, unified interface that combines the calendar and recurring meetings.
  • Using Bluetooth technology, it allows you to see what GoToRoom spaces are available near you – fast.
  • Start in seconds! It’s the same one-click experience you rely on in your GoToMeeting and GoToRoom sessions.

Room Launcher is available starting today for both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to get started:

  • If you haven’t already, download the GoToMeeting mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Sign in using your GoToMeeting account credentials.
  • Select the Room Launcher icon (as shown above).
  • Select the GoToRoom of your choice.
  • Launch your meeting.

For more information on our award-winning mobile apps, check out the apps page on our website!



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