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A New Mobile Meeting Experience Awaits!

If you’ve noticed something different about the GoToMeeting mobile apps, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. As of September 16th, our iOS and Android apps have undergone a complete redesign of the in-meeting experience.

At the core of this redesign was insightful feedback from customers like you! With the help of your ideas, we turned the GoToMeeting mobile apps into a hub for the modern worker who enjoys the flexibility of taking meetings on-the-go.

Best of all, we did this without sacrificing any of our popular features – like the simple switch from an Internet audio connection to a phone call, or our beloved Commuter Mode. Check out the below video to see how the new GoToMeeting works!

Behind the redesign were three simple ideas:

  1. Consistency. No matter where you’re using GoToMeeting – whether it be on a MacBook, PC, an Internet browser, or your iPhone or Android device – the experience should always be the same.
  2. Intuitiveness. The new GoToMeeting leverages familiar design patterns that are naturally easy to understand. No more time wasted exploring its functionality – you’ll instinctively know how it works.
  3. Keep it light. Your storage capacity is valuable. That’s why we put extra effort into cleaning up some old code. The GoToMeeting apps are just as light as before, but faster than ever.

The new GoToMeeting mobile experience is available now for iOS and Android devices. To get started, simply download (or upgrade) to the latest version of GoToMeeting from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For more on our award-winning mobile apps, check out the apps page on our website!

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  • Matt Aldridge | 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’m liking the new look and features. Please can I also request support for Apple CarPlay in the iOS app? That would be great so that mute and unmute functions could be done from the screen of the car more easily, and meetings joined etc without needing to touch the phone. Once that is in place you could maybe even add the capability to show any shared screen or video when the car is stationary!?

    Many thanks!


  • GoToMeeting | 2 months ago

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks very much for the suggestion! This is an excellent idea. Our Product team is hard at work researching new capabilities and integrations for our iOS app that will be explored further in 2020. Definitely stay tuned – and in the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying the GoToMeeting experience as it is today!

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