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How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Greater Visibility

There are 396 MILLION members on LinkedIn and just 51% of them have a 100% completed profile. I’m therefore guessing that this post is going to be useful for quite a few of us.

I’ve come across a number of LinkedIn guides over the years, but I think this has to be the most detailed one I’ve ever seen. The wealth of information in the infographic below is quite impressive, and particularly useful if you’re looking to move on from your current position.

With so many recruiters and companies using LinkedIn to find ideal candidates, now is the time to make sure that your profile is up to date, and most importantly, complete. The more complete your profile is, the more times you will appear in recruiter search results on LinkedIn. And as only 51% of people have a completed profile – I suggest that you check yours now!

An article featured by the Financial Times states the importance of completing your LinkedIn profile: ‘Having a complete profile gives you what LinkedIn calls an “All-Star” strength which is the highest level you can achieve. Your profile strength is measured by a circle graph found on the right of your profile page. According to LinkedIn, those with “All-Star” strength are 40 times more likely to come up in recruiter searches, and search results are ordered by profile completion. You want to be as high up in the search results as possible!’

LinkedIn All Star Profile

So take a look at the cheat sheet below and tweak away at your LinkedIn profile if you want to be approached by more recruiters in 2016. Good luck!

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Leisurejobs - The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

Leisurejobs – ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet


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