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GoToMeeting Features that Reduce Distance for Remote Workers

Many of our customers use GoToMeeting to work remotely either full-time or when they work from home occasionally. We know being a remote worker brings today’s workforce a unique set of challenges, from staying focused to feeling distant. So we’re here to help! Here are some ways to use GoToMeeting features that can truly improve a remote workflow, and help you feel more connected.

Many Ways to Screen Share

If sharing is caring, then GoToMeeting cares a lot. Screen sharing is a top feature for our users, but remember that it’s not just for meeting hosts! GoToMeeting allows organizers to pass the baton to anyone else in the meeting. So you can seamlessly transition the meeting along from topic to topic, regardless of whether the next person is sitting next to you in the room or working remotely. And versatile screen sharing is only where collaboration begins; GoToMeeting’s drawing tools and virtual whiteboard take video conferencing to another level. All participants can draw on, highlight, or emphasize anything shared on-screen making even the most remote worker feel like he or she is in the room.

Message or Meet – or Both!

You need to ask a coworker a simple, straightforward question; an email is too formal, but their desk is in another area code. GoToMeeting’s Business Messaging is your solution for quick and casual communication and file sharing with colleagues. Need to talk it out? Clicking the “Meet Now” allows you to instantly start a video call to continue the conversation seamlessly. Best of all, you can strike up a chat with anyone outside your organization. So communication with vendors, customers, and even your in-laws just got a whole lot easier.

Go Remote Around the Globe

Collaboration these days extends beyond borders more than ever before. So you may find yourself working remotely from anywhere, whether it’s a hotel in Tuscon or an airport in London or a cafe in Australia. But GoToMeeting is built to support you no matter where you are. OpenVoice Integrated provides conference call services with VoIP and Toll-Free options in over 50 countries. And with Call Me, participants don’t even need to dial in pins or passwords to join the call. Got Wi-Fi access only on your travels? Our full suite of mobile apps has you covered. Download the GoToMeeting app for a full range of features when you need to host or join a meeting from your phone or tablet!

Absent But Not Forgotten

We can’t all make every meeting, especially if there are many people involved. When you add remote workers into the mix, schedules align less frequently than the planets. But missed meetings don’t have to ruin your remote productivity. GoToMeeting allows for unlimited cloud meeting recording to easily record and share your meetings with anyone. Pair that with our new Smart Meeting Assistant feature and you can even share the meeting’s transcript with colleagues whether they attended the meeting or not, so everyone – no matter where they are based – can mine the meeting gold!


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