A present day merry tale: Sharing memories with GoToMeeting

“Oh Nicholas, you’ve really outdone yourself!” Mrs. Claus squealed as she looked at each and every memory hanging over the hearth. The photos that Santa had framed for Mrs Claus’ Christmas gift was just perfect. There was their surprise anniversary dinner at The French Laundry and there they were with all the grandkids (and some curious kiddos who’d almost figured it out) at Disneyland and so many more happy moments!

Though his coat and trousers were tarnished with ashes and soot from a hard night’s work, she couldn’t help but wrap him up in a big tearful hug. To which Santa chuckled with glee and shook the both of them just like a bowl full of jelly.

Then away to her desk she flew like a flash and powered up her tablet to show all her friends. Since most of the ladies were also in her online bridge club, it wasn’t that hard to send everyone a note over IM to meet her in her personalized meeting room:


Soon the squealing became a chorus as the ladies marveled over Santa’s handiwork. How the photos were framed just so, and captured such joyful memories!

After all her friends signed off to spend the rest of the night enjoying the last moments of holiday cheer with their families, she knew it was the perfect time to give Santa his Christmas gift. With a twinkle in her eye and spring in her step, she bounded over to their masterfully decorated tree and pulled a package from beneath the branches.

“Ho, ho, ho! Just what I wanted! But how did you find waders in XXXL?!” She smiled to herself, knowing the elves had worked and whistled day and night melting down old toys to create the custom-made gift. Now they could finally go on that Wyoming fly-fishing trip Nick had been day dreaming of.

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