It’s All Fun and Games Until the Reindeer Run Off

Finally, Santa’s Naughty or Nice list was in order. He could now kick back with a few cookies and a cup of good cheer. Or at least, that was what he was going to do until he noticed the antlers of eight reindeer trotting by his workshop window.

“Oh, sugar cookie!” he muttered. “They’re not supposed to be outside right now! Why aren’t they resting up for the big day?”

So he sprang from his bench and grabbed his smartphone to track down his Chief Reindeer Wrangler, Morty. But wait! Hadn’t Morty been a tad moody lately? There was no way Santa could get a hold of him without a Christmas miracle.

Thankfully, Morty’s assistant Elmer had taken over the wrangling duties lately. And Elmer’s prized smartwatch (a gift awarded to him as this year’s “most valuable elf-ployee”) made it very easy to reach him anywhere at any time. So in just a couple of taps, Santa opened the GoToMeeting app for Android on his phone and gave Elmer a quick jingle.

Apparently, Elmer was home with a tummy ache after reveling a little too much at last night’s workshop holiday party. He had no idea that Blitzen and the boys had taken themselves for a walk! But before Santa’s face had time to match the color of his suit, Mrs. Clause bobbed by the window holding eight knitted leashes. She must be taking the team for a walk to keep their spirits high before the big night, Santa realized.

Santa resumed relaxing, happy to know everything was taken care of. Wait, shouldn’t there have been nine reindeer antlers and knitted leashes? Had Rudolph still not returned from his contract negotiations in L.A.? With a sigh, Santa reached for his smartphone again. A sleigh driver’s job is never done.

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