Santa’s Secret to Making His List and Checking It Twice, Even on Vacation

All Santa wanted to do was enjoy his well-earned vacation, but it wasn’t to be.

“Oh, holy night!” Santa sighed in less-than-jolly frustration as he realized that his sunglasses weren’t the only thing he’d left back at the North Pole. He’d forgotten to review his final list with the Head Tinker, and the Reindeer Wrangler had emailed a laundry list of questions!

Thankfully, Mrs. Clause was taking a leisurely swim in the pool, which meant her iPad was free! With just a couple of taps, he set up a series of brief one-on-ones with the team using his personal meeting handle:

After nixing a few names from the nice list and sketching updates to the latest blue prints from the Elves’ Imaginarium using Talkboard, Santa finally felt like everyone in the workshop was on the same page.

That is, except for Morty, his Chief Reindeer Wrangler. Morty’s idea of staying up to date with technology was buying a new belt clip for his flip phone. In fact, the only way to ensure that Morty doesn’t miss a remote team meeting is to have Santa call everyone together on Convoi.

And in the blink of an eye, the only thing left on the big guy’s to-do list was to unpack his extra-large, long-sleeved swim shirt and join Mrs. Clause by the pool. He knew that tomorrow there would be more questions from the elves, but for now he had a twinkle in his eye and an order of cookies and chilled milk on their way to his deckchair.

But just then, he heard the alerting beeps from his “Naughty or Nice” app on his smartphone…

Read more about Santa’s story on the GoToMyPC and the GoToAssist blogs.

Photo credit: Yin Yang via Getty

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