New features for iOS, Android, Mac and PC

We love it when our peeps in the tech community build something cool and new. It gives us a chance to put our own spin on things, a challenge we’re always willing to accept.

Like wearables — we were the first to integrate your Android Wear smartwatch to your online meetings.

And now we’re exploring the new continuity frontier that Apple has set up between its computers, tablets and smartphones. Read all about it and our other new features below.

Do you attend meetings from Apple products?
Join the meeting from your iPad or iPhone. Walk to your desk and the meeting is ready to transfer to your computer — it just takes a confirmation click.

It’s not magic; it’s just us taking advantage of Apple’s new continuity between OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 via iCloud and Bluetooth. Sounds like a mouthful, but just turn on iCloud and Bluetooth on your Apple devices and pair them–it will work automatically.

Download the GoToMeeting app on the App Store.

Or maybe you join from Android?
Presenters can’t please all of the audience all of the time. That’s why we made Screencap, a new GoToMeeting companion app that records images and slides of every meeting you attend.

Did the presenter go over something too quickly?
Rewind back and take a look without interrupting the meeting. Don’t want to bug the presenter about emailing out slides after the meeting? That’s fine, Screencap already took the notes for you.

Download Screencap from Google Play.

Surely you have attendees joining from a Chrome browser?

Now they too can enjoy the instant, download-free experience of joining your meetings via the web — regardless of operating system.

Turn on the web app setting for your attendees today.

What about recording meetings on a PC?
You told us that you should be able to convert GoToMeeting recordings to MP4. And you were totally right. Now you can!

Choose between WMV and MP4 next time you record your meeting.

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