Is Your Workforce Ready to Go Mobile?

The Future of Work is high tech and — perhaps most importantly — mobile. From the smallest startup to the largest international corporation, companies are embracing mobile technology. It allows for on-the-go access to information, increased productivity, flexibility for where and how work gets done and improved customer support. So is your company mobile ready? Here are five things to consider as you prepare:

1) Recognize the surprising value of flexible workspaces.

// often hear about how employee satisfaction, productivity and morale can be improved by creating a flexible, mobile workspace, but did you know that it can also mean huge savings for your small business? Think of it like this: Fewer employees working out of a central office means you’re paying less for real estate space and less for your electric bill. It’s a strategy that’s been undertaken with great results by large international companies who have proven how worthwhile the flexible workspace is in terms of business savings.

2) Understand what’s driving the mobile workforce. 

Staying savvy in a rapidly evolving economy is no small task. The key is to keep up with the trends that are driving the mobile workforce. Some big influences to watch are:

  • The rise of apps: On mobile devices, apps are great for sharing data and easing workload, which can lead to increased productivity. Staying up to date on new apps will help you spot opportunities for your business.
  • The cloud: KPMG’s Technology Innovation Survey 2013 named the cloud as “the biggest driver of business transformation for enterprises in the next three years.” Using the cloud adds flexibility to your business, which can keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Profit-driven analytics: Organizations that leverage analytics — including data collected from mobile devices — see profits increase by nearly 20%, according to Aberdeen Research.

Being in the know about these trends and others on the horizon will help your organization manage its mobile workforce securely and more efficiently.

3) Be more agile with mobile-ready employees.

// today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies are faced with heightened competition, an increased speed of business, added pressure to perform and a changing demographic of employees. The answer to these challenges? Cultivate an agile workforce that’s mobile and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Companies that use mobility strategically are better equipped to deal with workforce changes, according to the 2014 Workforce Mobility Survey.

4) Give Millennials the flexibility they want. 

Your future employees want to be mobile. The flexibility and portability of mobile tech greatly appeals to Millennials — the new generation of young workers. But it isn’t all about what they want; there are benefits for employers, too: 76% of employed American Millennials between the ages of 18 and 29 said that mobile tech increases their amount of communication, while 37% said it increases the amount of work they do outside of work hours. And being mobile ready today puts you ahead of your competition in attracting up-and-coming talent.

5) Get secure.

With all the hype and benefits of mobile, it’s important to remember the downside, too. Smartphones and tablets are susceptible to data breaches. It’s something that often goes overlooked by almost everyone that has one. Crucial functions of your mobile device — Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC — are all portals for infections. The problem becomes a lot bigger when you consider the trend toward BYOD that sees employees using their personal phones for business.

Here are six quick tips for avoiding malware like the digital plague:

  1. Add security to your wireless network.
  2. Put a pin or password on devices.
  3. Examine apps for dangerous permissions.
  4. Regulate which apps can be accessed on the corporate network.
  5. Add an app that can remotely lock or wipe a device.
  6. Keep the OS and apps up to date.

Want to learn more on how the future of work will impact your business? Get the latest tips and trends right here.

Photo credit: Roberto Trm via Flickr

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