Convoi Makes Collaboration With Remote Teams Easy

Are you someone who works in the field, whether in retail, sales, public safety, security or construction? Or perhaps you’re involved, along with others, at your child’s school, in sports activities or at church events? You’re part of a team or a group, but you’re not always together. You’re constantly on the go and mobile in every sense of the word. You may sometimes carry a laptop or iPad, but it’s not always with you. Of course, you always, always have your phone, and the people you know do as well.

We want to introduce you to Citrix Convoi. It’s designed for people like you and completely focused on doing two things really well: conference calling and group messaging.



What makes Convoi unique?

Convoi is different from the sea of chat apps out there that require you and everyone else to have the app and an account. Has this ever happened? You have Skype and they have Facebook Messenger. You’re on Viber and they’re on Telegram. Everyone is on a different network, and no one is going to change. With Convoi, we take a totally different approach by eliminating the “network” altogether.

After you install Convoi on your iPhone, a virtual conference room is instantly created. You just add the phone numbers of the people you want to communicate with, and Convoi does the rest. With one tap you can select everyone for your conference call, and Convoi, using a dedicated phone number, makes a call out to all. Participants simply answer their ringing phone and immediately connect to the conference.

“So easy and convenient. Just used it to hold a board meeting and it was incredibly easy and everyone on the call commented on how much they like ‘just receiving a call when it was time.’” Adam K.

Group texting in between meetings

Ever forgotten to say something important in a meeting? Rats. You probably resorted to email, but as we all know, people are on email overload these days. With Convoi, since you’re part of a conference room, you just simply send a chat to everybody. Participants receive all messages as SMS and can respond just like they would to any text message. And according to research, texts are opened 99% of the time within 3 minutes, so you can keep projects and conversations moving along in between meetings.

“Great for supervisors! Our company has several shared conference lines that are often in use and hard to get scheduled. They also do not have the ability to text while in those either. This app has both and is great for us.”
J. Mevball

Stop losing time

The 15-minute daily standup or status call is really popular with teams nowadays. It keeps teams grounded with a quick status update of what everyone is working on. Because these meetings happen at the same time every day or week, scheduled calls in Convoi fit perfectly. Imagine your daily standup is at 10 a.m. No matter where you are, your cellphone in your purse or pocket will ring. You answer it and immediately join the conference call. No wasted time.

“Very simple. Great for scheduling conference calls while on the road. Very simple to connect. It’s idiot proof.”
Peter C.

And now you’re wondering…

Does everyone have to enter a pin or access code?

No, you can jump right into the call.

Can only one person start the call while all the others wait?
No, anyone can start the call. No more late-starting meetings.

Are there organizers and attendees?
No, everyone has equal rights.

Ready to get talking?

Because we love our customers, we are currently offering Convoi free on a limited-time basis. If you’re in the U.S. and Canada, get Convoi now on the App Store. And follow the team @convoiapp.

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