Using Social Media to Promote Your Webinars

Social media has transformed the way we get and give information. Want to publish something to the public? No longer do you need to visit the editor in the corner office. No longer do you need to run your tape by the radio station. No longer do you need to pitch your film to the studio executive. Everything can be shared online with few barriers — but many potential benefits for your business.

Webinars make it easy to reach people around the world. And with social media, attracting that large, world-wide audience is a simple matter. Share a registration link on your channels and you’ve got the ball rolling already. If people like the content, they’ll share it with others. Your market can grow by itself, and leads will come to you. But first you need a strong social media presence. All it takes is involvement, passion and a little bit of know-how.

Silverback Social CEO Chris Dessi has a few simple guidelines that will get you using social media to promote your webinars in no time. His no-nonsense approach includes this simple advice as you get started:

  • Be authentic.
  • Interact with your fans and followers.
  • Respect the community.
  • Finish your profiles.

Want a little more detail? Get the rest of Dessi’s advice in “The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Business on Social Media.” For the overachievers out there, you can also watch his full webinar on the subject: “How Social Media Has Changed Everything.”

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