New upgrades for you (since you asked so nicely).

Have you ever found yourself saying lines like these?

“I love GoToMeeting, but that user interface looks sooo 2005.”

“Ugh, if only saving meetings didn’t suck up all the bandwidth of my next meeting.”

“I just bought a smartwatch. I should be able to use GoToMeeting on it.”

We understand — we were thinking the same thing. And good news! We just finished updating these items.

Updated Interface

It’s amazing what a little cleanup and digital paint can do. We think it looks better, and more importantly, it’s faster and easier to start and schedule meetings.

So please, sign in and take a look. Consider it our housewarming party.

Windows Recording Manager

It’s your recording; you can transcode when you want to. Our new Windows Recording Manager makes it easy to see which recordings have been transcoded and which haven’t. Plus, you can save your transcoding work for a time when you’re not in a meeting or some other bandwidth-heavy activity.

Check our support site for more details

Android Smartwatch App.

GoToMeeting and your Android phone and smartwatch are getting along fabulously these days. If you have all three, you can join, participate and leave a meeting from your watch without ever touching your phone.

Take a jog while you’re taking a meeting. Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep — no squirming into your pockets and fumbling with your phone needed. Plus, you’re going to feel like a super-cool spy.

Download the GoToMeeting app for Android

Attendee Web Viewer

If you can achieve the same outcome with or without a download, most people will not download. When you enable the Attendee Web Viewer for your meetings, you give attendees the opportunity to join your meeting via their browser — no download necessary. Attendees will love it!

See how to enable the Attendee Web Viewer

Questions? Comments? More ideas? We want to hear them all. Please spill every last bean to our 24/7 Customer Care team.

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