Innovation: Great Alone, But Better Together

Have you heard of the multiple discovery hypothesis?

It suggests that many discoveries, or basically just really good ideas, occur simultaneously by people working independently of each other.

Think of Newton and Leibniz sitting in different countries, conceptualizing what we now know as calculus. (Maybe, if they had met, they would have thought up something a little easier for us not-so-genius types.)

Or how about Darwin and Wallace, each staring into nature, visualizing the theory of evolution by natural selection? If these two were able to chat with each other, they may have figured out a way to present their theory without totally freaking out the religious establishment of the time.

And consider our simplest and most fundamental activity: breathing. Several scientists somehow discovered oxygen around the same time without sharing any with each other. Had they been in the same room, maybe they would have found the element (and agreed on what to call it) much sooner.

The bottom line: Ideas don’t wait for physical meetings.

The bottom-er line: If big ideas continually happen simultaneously, imagine the breakthroughs that will come thanks to incredible collaboration tools.

This is where Citrix comes in.

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Now put those heads full of neurons together and collaborate to create something awesome!