The Evolution of Corporate Learning

Training programs have come a long way since John Henry Patterson first thought to “train” his sales force. The story goes that Patterson, founder of the National Cash Register Company (NCRC) in the late 19th century, visited his sales team at the World’s Fair in Chicago only to find them completely ignorant of their product and its value proposition.

He quickly established the first formalized training program on NCRC’s campus.

Patterson may have been among the first to formalize knowledge transfer in business, but a lot has happened since then. In fact, this infographic outlines exactly how learning and development has grown, including the invention of training program measurements and smartphones, both of which changed learning and development drastically.

Now learning and development is mobile, social and collaborative (or at least it should be). Seventy percent of students surveyed report an increase in their motivation to learn when mobile devices are used properly. And, since people are the on the go — Gartner estimates that over 54 million employees are currently involved in some form of remote work — it makes sense that learning materials need to be accessible on mobile devices, too.

Is your learning program mobile, social and collaborative? If not, we recommend reading this guide on making learning more collaborative and download the GoToTraining mobile app for iPhone and iPad.