Tips from Citrix Sales Reps for Video Meeting Sales Success

In a recent survey of Citrix salespeople, 100 percent of salespeople said their sales meetings improved from using video conferencing in place of the phone or screen sharing alone.

“Face-to-face collaboration has made a big difference in building rapport, confidence and trust with the client,” said Paul Chapman, a corporate sales representative for Citrix..

Perhaps that’s why in a separate Citrix test of webcam effectiveness, salespeople who connected with prospects through GoToMeeting and turned on their webcam had a 34 percent higher close rate than when they connected through GoToMeeting without video.

Face-to-face communication makes all the difference in business — and particularly in sales.

Getting over the fear

However, it can be intimidating to show your face on webcam in a sales meeting, especially if you’re the first person in your organization to do so.

I asked some Citrix salespeople about using video conferencing with clients for the first time. Almost all of them mentioned being nervous to see themselves on webcam. They worried they’d be awkward and lose the sale. Others worried that the video stream would distract their clients.

But, in the interest of trying new tactics to get through to prospects, they gave video sales meetings a shot.

Stand out from the crowd

And the results were powerful.

Citrix sales representative, Parker Rowe, says using video conferencing distinguishes him from other salespeople who may be trying for the same business.

“I am not just some salesperson on the other line,” he said.

His colleague, Brittany Hayes, agreed: “Giving pricing [via] video conferencing, where they can see my face and eyes, makes them feel like they can trust me. I’m not some lying salesperson.”

For sales rep Eric Slais, it was an added bonus that the product he was selling — GoToMeeting — was also the thing that made all the difference in the sale.

“At the end of the deal, the guy told me that he was going to make all of his sales reps turn on their webcams after he saw how much it strengthened our relationship,” he said.

Salespeople also mentioned that the more they use video conferencing, the more used to it they got. Now it’s second nature to them.

Sold on video sales meetings

I recently spent a day shadowing a few Citrix sales representatives. Every one of them had a webcam on top of their computer, and in each meeting I listened in on, the salesperson shared their webcam. Most of the time their prospect didn’t. And most of the time, the prospects commented positively about being able to see the person they were talking to.

If you’re thinking about using your webcam to stand out from the packed crowd of salespeople pursuing your prospects, here’s what the Citrix sales representatives recommend for getting started:

  • Practice and get familiar with the software before getting in front of the customer.
  • Turn on your webcam right away, every time.
  • If your customer is interested in sharing their webcam too, offer to show them how to set it up.
  • Conduct the meeting as usual.

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