Happy Birthday, Talkboard!

Happy Birthday, Talkboard!

Please join us in celebrating the birthday of Talkboard, which turned one on Friday, September 12! And boy, do they have reason to break out the party hats and bacon cupcakes for this milestone, because the reviews of Talkboard have been nothing short of fantastic!

A review on Graphite.org, a free service from Common Sense Education, stated: “Teachers can use Talkboard by Citrix to get students to interact with one another in a unique way. It works ideally for projects where images, not words, play a key role.”

I’ll admit I hadn’t really utilized Talkboard very much before writing this post, so in my next creative collaboration, I made it a point put this innovative experiment from Citrix to the test.

First, I made sure that my teammates had the Talkboard app installed on their iPads and had created their free account before our meeting. Then, while we were brainswarming, I linked my whiteboard project with my colleagues via the app’s share button, and that’s when things got really fun! Each of us took turns writing notes for the group, doodling ideas and illustrating our points when words couldn’t get the concept across.

After a lot of laughter and some pretty colorful ideas, we were pretty impressed with the results! (It definitely beats drawing on a pad of paper and holding it up for the group to see over a webcam.) And even better was that my remote colleagues were able to participate in our brainswarm session seamlessly. What also struck me as cool was the fact that I could save our sketches as a .jpg and share them with others to keep everyone else on our team in the loop.

Turns out, I was late to the party when it comes to this problem-solving app! It meets the needs for not only educators, tutors and elearners but also creative professionals who are trying to explain their big ideas through design. Heck, my friend uses Talkboard so that her 5-year-old daughter can draw fun pictures with her 90-year-old grandma, who happens to be across the country!

Even better is what’s on the horizon for the app. Looking down the road, the team will be adding a number of new features and enhancements to the Talkboard user experience that will make using it even more intuitive. They’re also working on a web version that will expand the ability to access and participate in Talkboard sessions from any platform (desktops, iPhone, Android and Windows devices).

Curios about Talkboard? It’s available free for iPads on the App Store. Please try it and let us know what you think.