3 Cool Things About the New GoToTraining Mobile App

We have some exciting news for all you on-the-go online learners and trainers out there! GoToTraining is launching its very own app for iPhone and iPad that makes it even easier to participate in online training any time, anywhere.

Based on a large-scale survey of GoToTraining customers, about one-in-five trainers spend the majority of their time doing in-person events. What does that mean for your audiences? It means you can boost your in-person engagement by encouraging them to participate using their iPhone or iPad. Both you and your audience benefit!

A few cool things you should know about the new GoToTraining app:

  1. Mobile learners can engage with polls, tests and evaluations. Gauging your audience interaction level, including those that are mobile, can be very powerful. Your mobile, online and in-person audiences can now all interact with you and help you create better training sessions.
  2. Attendees can view your slides up close. Now, anyone joining your training session from their iPhone or iPad will be able to view your materials up close. This feature is also a huge benefit to online trainers! If you know you are going to have audience members attending via their mobile device, you can launch a practice session to test how your content will appear to them.
  3. Presenters can draw on a whiteboard. For truly interactive mobile sessions, you can promote any iPad-using audience member to presenter. As a presenter, they will be able to use the GoToTraining whiteboard/sketching tools. This helps you create a more interactive learning environment and engage with learners more effectively.

With the combination of the global market for eLearning forecasted to hit over $100 billion by 2015 and the increasing amount of time spent on mobile devices, now is a good time to offer your audiences the option to join in using their iPhone or iPad.

Download the app and try it out for yourself!

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