3 Ways to Try the New and Improved GoToMeeting Free

Today GoToMeeting Free got even better. The free online meeting tool that requires no software, download or plug-ins and has until now been available only on Chrome, is now available on Firefox with built-in file sharing. No account is required and it takes two seconds to start the meeting.

If you’re curious how to use GoToMeeting Free, here are three ways we recommend giving it a spin.

The one-on-one-catch-up meeting

You have at least one one-on-one a week, either with your boss or direct reports (or both), and since the meeting is internal and casual, it’s the perfect place to try a new tool. And since GoToMeeting Free requires no download and is available on recent Android mobile devices, you can get into the meeting faster and from anywhere.

The I-need-to-show-you-something meeting

Sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell. And for those occasions, GoToMeeting Free makes a great substitute for the phone. Share your screen when you use GoToMeeting Free for Chrome and share files when you use GoToMeeting Free for Firefox. Either way, you can show and tell in a face-to-face environment just as easily and quickly as you can make a phone call.

The should-we-work-together? meeting

Whether you’re a freelancer or agency pitching a project or the person in need of freelance or agency work, exploratory calls go better when you can see each other. If your group is three people or less, use GoToMeeting Free to get into the meeting and get to know each other faster.

No matter what type of meeting you’re hosting, secure your personalized URL now when you try GoToMeeting Free.

Photo Credit: MyDigitalSLR via Compfight cc