Why Toll-Free Audio Is a Win-Win for You and Your Audience

Fun new speed-dating study result: Nearly half of women decide whether a date has the potential to become a partner within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. The men who failed to bring their A game were quickly dismissed.

First impressions are important in business, too. Email subject lines have three seconds to impress before being deleted. Websites have three-to-five seconds to hook an audience before they move on to something else.

And if you think that’s fast, consider an online presentation or training session without a toll-free number. Many phone callers will simply hang up before the timer even starts.

That’s the first of several reasons why OpenVoice Integrated toll-free calling should be a part of any GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar or GoToTraining plan. It adds a seamless toll-free number to the built-in toll and VoIP audio options, so your audience can join in at no cost whether by phone lines or Internet tubes.

Here are some other great reasons to use OpenVoice Integrated.

  • Please your customers. In sales and marketing presentations — or any customer-facing meeting — customers appreciate when businesses bear the cost of meeting online.
  • Record sessions easily. No matter how people access the audio, you can record it all – audio and screen sharing — with one easy click.
  • Third-party toll-free is cripplingly limiting. In that case, everyone would have to call in, and you couldn’t record the audio with the screen sharing.
  • Lower total audio costs. Another advantage over third parties — people can choose to use toll calling or VoIP, which means you don’t have to pay for toll-free for everyone.

Matthew Dilworth, marketing manager for ADInstruments, is pretty happy with OpenVoice Integrated:

“We are saving hundreds of dollars with OpenVoice Integrated audio compared to using a separate audio service.”


Learn more about OpenVoice Integrated or contact sales to add toll-free audio now.

Photo Credit: Willy D via Compfight cc