The Best Business Leaders Are Persuadable

The Next Crop episode 5 is live, and in it author Al Pittampalli asserts that business leaders need to be persuadable to keep up with the speed of business.

Pittampalli says with markets and technology changing at a rapid speed, you have to be willing to change with it if you want to keep up. Being persuadable is as important and as being persuasive. Watch episode 5 to hear his take on using data to decide when to change your mind.

And in the bonus video, hear Pittampalli’s step-by-step advice on how to be more persuadable. He says it will make you a better business leader.

Check back next week for more from The Next Crop, the web series for small business leaders and entrepreneurs. You can find all the episodes and bonus content here, and if you’re a small business looking for ways to connect to your prospects, colleagues or organization as a whole, Citrix web conferencing tools can help. Start your GoToMeeting free trial today.

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