Clarity Puts Global Sales in Its Sightlines with GoToMeeting

“Recently I started the morning with a presentation in London, moved on to another presentation in New York and, later that evening, presented to Hong Kong,” recalled Rob Sykes.

Wait, is Sykes a cross between Marty McFly and Phileas Fogg?

No, he’s the tech-savvy and resourceful president of Clarity. From its headquarters in Calgary, Canada, Clarity sells its web-based content and training tools to businesses worldwide. And it’s not a loophole in the laws of physics that makes this kind of reach possible.

“I had covered two-thirds of the earth while sitting in my office using GoToMeeting,” explained Sykes.

With products available via the Internet, Clarity can deliver solutions to customers around the globe, but that’s only part of getting customers in the door. Being able to meet with prospective customers no matter their location helps Clarity reach an unlimited pool of businesses across Canada and beyond.

Sykes says that without GoToMeeting, achieving international sales would require employees to travel thousands of miles to meet with clients during the sales process. That would be a big drain on the company, costing $5,000-10,000 each month by Syke’s estimate.

Plus, remote meetings help both Clarity employees and customers take control of their schedules. Clarity sales reps are able to meet with more clients without taking time out to travel, and customers appreciate the ability to jump into a quick meeting to learn about Clarity’s products and services without a big interruption to their workday.

It’s not magic, but, for Clarity, using GoToMeeting is almost as good as being in two places at once. Read the case study to learn more, and check out a free trial of GoToMeeting to see how you can take advantage of sales opportunities any time, anywhere.

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Photo Credit: charamelody via Compfight cc