Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam Takes Video Conference to a New Level

I do a lot of traveling, and over the years I’ve tried to minimize the amount of stuff that I carry with me. But, the moment I heard about Logitech’s Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam, I knew I’d be adding something new to my bag.

Being able to pull out my iPad and launch the GoToMeeting app from anywhere in the world empowers me to take part in meetings without boundaries. However, if you’ve ever done this, you know it can be a bit of a challenge to participate and hold the iPad at the same time.

Most seasoned workshifters will buy a case to help with this problem, but this new camera makes it even easier. The Logitech Broadcaster connects via Wi-Fi to your Mac, iPad or iPhone, and setting it up is as simple as a couple of clicks.

The camera connects with a magnet to the top of its stand. This allows for it to be tilted in a variety of directions without falling. The best part is that the stand also doubles as a carrying case.

Now, if you would like to show something in addition to just your face when you are having a video conference or hosting a webinar, you can. Because the camera is wireless, you can move it around to show off a product or an event location. I can imagine Real Estate agents using it to showcase a home to a long-distance buyer.

The camera comes preconfigured to connect and broadcast live using Ustream. Using it in conjunction with your laptop’s camera, you can now do a multi-camera shoot with seamless switching between the two.

The camera alone is an impressive device, able to record HD 720p video with a 3x digital zoom. Plus, if the built-in microphone is not good enough for what you need, there is an external microphone jack. With a reported battery life of two hours of use, you’ll have plenty of juice for your next meeting or webinar.

Since the camera is new, I don’t know if it integrates completely with the Citrix suite of products, but I’m excited about the possibilities. Retailing for $199, it is an affordable, high-quality webcam with amazing bonus features.


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