The Aftermath of Sandy on Lives and Work

By Lisa Reeves

Our thoughts are still with the thousands of people still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. I believe we can learn a lot from those working hard to rebuild their homes, personal lives and work schedules as much as they possibly can.

There are many stories of resiliency in the face of destruction – even from companies trying to maintain business as usual without putting employees in harm’s way. According to BusinessWeek, Ernst & Young used teleworking to manage 167,000 employees scattered across the globe throughout the crisis. Businesses that haven’t been able to telework during the storm’s aftermath are more likely to lose revenue – and even market share – to rivals that can enable people to work from wherever they are. In a situation where so much is out of your control, it’s nice to have some sense of normalcy.

In times of crisis, we are happy to know that our products can play even the tiniest part in helping our customers keeping people’s lives and businesses on track.

One long-time New Jersey-based GoToMyPC customer and controller of a small custom machinery manufacturing company was kind enough to share his story about how he’s getting back on his feet after the disaster. Hopefully his success can help others looking for a way to get back on track.

My Life with GoToMyPC, by Anthony DeAquino

“My responsibilities do not stop at 5 PM, nor on weekends, vacations or even sick days, therefore I needed to find a way to remote access my office computer.

I learned about GoToMyPC in March 2006, and since they had a 30-day free trial, I thought, “What the heck, I should give it a try.” So I downloaded the program. That day changed my life, and I have been a GoToMyPC believer ever since. I was able to successfully access my office computer and company server and perform nearly every task as though I were sitting at my office desk. GoToMyPC helped me convince my boss to keep me on staff when I moved miles away from the office and subsequently helped me put my children through school.

As you know, Hurricane Sandy recently struck New Jersey, making landfall approximately 20 miles south of us. The Jersey coastline is in shambles. Fortunately, my family and I only suffered a seven-day power outage – a mere inconvenience compared to the losses incurred by thousands of New Jersey Shore residents. The company I work for, located in North Jersey, also experienced a power outage.

Due to the conditions of the roads and the gas shortage, I was unable to drive into work. However, on the day power was restored at my office, I was able to make my way to a friend’s house, where power had been restored the day before. I plugged in my laptop, fired up GoToMyPC and, within seconds, I was back to work.”

If you’re still stuck working remotely like many East Coasters, we recommend checking out this article from The Wall Street Journal to help find your work-from-home groove.

Photo credit: chrisschoenbohm