Flexible Working Is Not Just a Bonus for Employees

It’s time to reframe the conversation. Flexible working isn’t only a bonus for employees; it’s a bonus for business.

Flexible working is often talked about as if it’s some kind of free ride or reward for employees, offered by businesses out of the goodness of their hearts even though it could cost them money.

I would never offer employees the option to work flexibly simply because it’s a nice thing to do. Rather, I offer it because by empowering them to work flexibly, I create a competitive business advantage.

The compelling business case for flexible working

A recent report commissioned by the UK government found that “there is a strong and compelling business case for flexible working.” The report argued that in addition to an increase in productivity, flexible working also engendered greater loyalty, a wider talent pool to recruit from, lower absenteeism and a higher retention rate.

All of these perks come with cost savings, which is a wider benefit that finance teams should be excited about. Businesses can also save on desk space, travel costs and even the expenses of hosting a meeting.

So, let’s reframe the conversation and start looking at the benefits flexible working offers to not just employees but businesses as well.

Photo credit: jeremylevinedesign