Make Meetings More Fun – HDFaces Halloween Contest

I love HDFaces. As a Citrix employee, I’m supposed to love it. But as a remote employee, I really love it.

You see, I’ve been with Citrix for six years. For five of those, I’ve worked from my home office in Santa Rosa, CA (the #5 city in the U.S. for teleworkers!). There are a lot of things about working from home that are amazing – number one being that I am able to see my 10-month-old son more often. (He’s that cute skeleton in the photo above.) But, as anyone who works from home could tell you, it gets a little lonely. You miss out on the water-cooler talk, the gossip and the spontaneous fun that makes you feel like part of the team.

HDFaces video conferencing helps you get some of that back. Having a webcam makes you feel more connected – you get to soak up the background and notice little things like a person’s haircut or the scarf they are wearing. You see the person behind the voice. For me, HDFaces makes meetings more fun.

You can probably guess from the photo what’s coming next! In the name of fun and team building, GoToMeeting is hosting a little contest this All Hallows’ Eve.

How to participate:

Here’s how it works. On Halloween, schedule a GoToMeeting session with your team. Get costumed up and turn your webcams on! Then:

  1. Take a screenshot or photo of your HDFaces session.
  2. Post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MakeMeetingsFun.
  3. Fill out this webform.

Easy as that! The winner will be the team with the most creative costumes. (Yes, it’s subjective.)


The winning team will have their photo published in all the GoToMeeting social channels, and each team member (up to 6 people) will receive a $50 Visa gift card.


  • You and everyone in the photo must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be a U.S. resident.

You can read the full legal rules here (PDF).

Not a GoToMeeting customer? Don’t worry – you can still participate. Sign up for a free trial.

Happy Halloween – now let’s see those costumes!

UPDATE: Check out our new photos from today on the GoToMeeting Facebook page.