Meeting Is Believing: Behind the Scenes of the Mindjet Shoot

San Francisco, the City by the Bay, is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Home to Silicon Valley, the Bay Area is also the birthplace and continual pacesetter for everything tech. For the first installment of GoToMeeting’s serial Meeting Is Believing campaign, we (clearly) couldn’t resist including some of the city’s most stunning features to frame our story of the thoughtful technology marketer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, chief marketing officer of Mindjet.

If you are not familiar with San Fran (not “Frisco,” unless you want to make a native wince), we staged the beginning and end of this “day in the life” against photogenic landmarks. In the morning shot, Jascha is greeted by the historic “Port of San Francisco” neon sign hanging over the Ferry Building – a throwback to when it was a thriving shipping hub. Disembarking, he strolls across Justin Herman Plaza towards Lower Market Street on his way to the Mindjet office in Levi’s Plaza, just a short distance away. Finally, the Golden Gate Bridge graces the backdrop of the evening ride home.

Throughout the filming, Director/Producer Jeff den Broeder and Director of Photography Alex Kopps capture key visual elements of the unique environment where some of our most innovative customers live and work. These scenes play critical roles in making the story compelling by adding texture, meaning, depth and culture. Through this approach, we sought to immerse the viewers in the personality and vision of the customer to create a real connection. Ultimately, we get to see a true human interest story that reveals what it’s like inside the minds of people at the top of their game.

In addition to recording live action, we asked Laura Flippen to shoot still photos of Jascha around the Mindjet office using primarily natural light. Though we scouted the location a few days prior and followed a shot list, we left ourselves open to capturing unexpected moments over the course of the shoot. Relaxing and having some fun has a great and desirable effect on the final images. The goal is to project very consistent, natural energy – the same look and feel we seek to capture with live action – only in a static format. This consistency across media types strengthens the clarity and force of our story and directly affects how the market perceives our campaign.

Advertising requires more than just coming up with an idea and creating a set of tactical touch points to increase trial volume. It’s about having a vision, understanding the long-term marketing, business and cultural challenges, acknowledging the fierceness of the marketplace, and making sure the idea has legs to support the needs of a big organization like Citrix. Perhaps most important for us, though, is understanding how we can maintain the quality, content and narrative thread of the GoToMeeting brand in a way that is relevant to our audiences for years to come.