Meeting is Believing: Behind the Campaign Idea

Collaboration is an innately social activity. As with anything social, collaboration can be a strong force of change, whether you are communicating with your workplace constituents or your broader influential community. Business collaboration is a natural arm of this new social space defined by products like GoToMeeting. However, it’s the people who use GoToMeeting who truly define the real beauty and purpose of our product by showing us how collaboration really flows within their larger river of life.

The incredibly innovative people who understand mechanisms for transforming business through collaboration typically implement a whole host of tech tools that create great efficiencies in how they communicate and lead. Whether they are heading up a weekend beach barbeque with friends or rallying an executive leadership team to adopt new value-improving practices, these folks use technology to define a new way of conducting all aspects of daily existence.

For over 20 years, Citrix has consistently placed the desires of customers first by developing products that enable businesses to grow and outperform the market. At the helm of these companies are, of course, very inspired people, and among them are the pure entrepreneurs – the leaders who make our preoccupation with “business” much more interesting. For our serial Meeting Is Believing campaign, our goal is to find out what insights these remarkable GoToMeeting customers hold and how they enact their vision.

From a narrative perspective, the Meeting Is Believing campaign is a take on testimonials with an underlying “day in the life” structure. This coupling of lifestyle with pure business creates far more rich content, cultural context, brand affinity and relatability within our target SMB space than fabricated or scripted content do. In other words, we’re tapping into our most vibrant customers and asking them to reach beyond our product use in their daily life. We sought to capture the pure human-interest part of the story first and then allow it to unfold into a greater tale in which GoToMeeting plays a decisive role in empowering communication.

Mindjet CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff was the perfect protagonist for our first foray into the campaign. His creativity is clearly pervasive in all his pursuits – from “agile marketing movement” leader to serial entrepreneur to imaginative technologist to armchair anthropologist. Additionally, he is always eager to share his ever-emerging thoughts and ideas on his blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Look for the campaign in your next issue of Inc and Entrepreneur, in airports and online at Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Our next installment is in the works at this very moment. In fact, the crew and I are flying to Indianapolis over the weekend to shoot the interview. The entire team is really excited to build on this excellent momentum and deliver many more incredible stories of innovation.