Meeting Is Believing

What do you believe is most important to your business? Your people? Their ideas? We believe in enabling people to come together whenever and wherever inspiration happens through simple tools like GoToMeeting.

Today I’m excited to introduce “Meeting Is Believing,” a series of videos that we are launching to highlight our customers who are driving innovation with the help of GoToMeeting.

The mission of Meeting Is Believing is to celebrate our customers’ vision and achievements by showcasing their unique collaborative work environments. To do this, we went behind the scenes with some of today’s most innovative companies and business leaders to hear their stories first-hand, see their workflows in action and reveal how GoToMeeting helps them to stay connected and get real work done.

The resulting videos show businesses that are breaking down traditional barriers of communication and building successful relationships with their distributed teams and customers by using GoToMeeting to collaborate face to face.

These customer stories are a testament of our passion here at Citrix for building simple yet powerful solutions that enable people to connect, share and build on ideas from wherever they are, however they want. By sharing these stories we hope to inspire others to adopt new ways of working, because we believe that together, we can accomplish amazing things in business.

Check out the first video of our Meeting Is Believing series featuring Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO of Mindjet, who shares how GoToMeeting with HDFaces helps his business build a better connected, more agile global marketing department.

Watch it now: