How to Use Content to Generate High-Quality Leads

Today we have a guest post from Kim Gusta. A content marketer and copywriter, Kim creates engaging content and sound marketing strategy for small businesses and technology companies. Visit her blog for more information about content marketing.

One of the most frequent reasons companies want to use content marketing is to generate high-quality leads. And I couldn’t agree more – content marketing is terrific for finding leads that fit your optimal target market, but to do it well, you need to know the right strategies.

I’ll be covering how to use content to generate leads in my upcoming webinar for GoToWebinar, “5 Keys to Using Content for Effective Lead Generation.”

Key #1: Understand your buyer really well.

I can’t overstate how important this step is. The better you understand your buyers and their hot buttons, the better your content will be. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to register and download it. If you build awesome content that really speaks to your buyers, I guarantee they’ll want more. And that makes them a better lead for you, because they’ll learn more about your company and your solutions.

I’ll cover some low-cost methods for researching your buyers on the webinar.

Key #2: Focus on “How can we help you?” vs. “What can we sell you?”

This is a mindshift you (and your company) might need to make. Successful content marketing is built around offering your buyers helpful, high-value content that addresses their challenges, talks to their concerns, describes their issues and so on. Content that only sells your product or company is likely to be deleted or ignored. Think educational content and not sales content.

Key #3: Use economies of scale when creating content.

There are ways to make the process of creating content easier while also avoiding content overload. First, inventory your existing content and capture a list of everything you already have in a spreadsheet. Then whenever you’re about to create a new piece of content, review your list and ask “What are at least 5 different ways I can repurpose one of these?” If you get in the habit of doing this every time before you create something, you’ll soon have a large repository of high-value content.

Key #4 Expect incremental buyer movement.

Yes, we’d love our buyers to quickly move through our sales funnel, consume all our content and get on with buying something from us, but it doesn’t work that way. Customers will take their research and buying process at their own pace.

As Ardath Albee explains on her blog, we need to be patient with our buyers. We can’t constantly bother them to buy – we must let the content process work. I’ve seen this issue alone derail content marketing programs. You may want to proactively educate others in your organization about this reality so they have appropriate expectations.

The Final Key

Want to know the next step for how to use content to generate high-quality leads?

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