The Life of the Solopreneur

Isn’t it funny how people are always trying to coin new terms for everything we do? I usually laugh at them and roll on, but this one hit home for me because it certainly fits what I do.

I work for myself, making my living with writing, speaking and consulting. Some days I’m flying around the world to shoot photos and report on what I experience. Other days I’m workshifting from a train taking client calls while writing my next book. Digital Dads is a popular guys website I run, and Passion Hit TV is a successful web series I recently launched. On top of all of that, I usually have a handful of other ongoing projects as well.

Calling myself “self-employed” would work, but it sells everything I do rather short.

A solopreneur is defined as “an entrepreneur who works alone, running his or her business single-handedly.”

With technology allowing us to work with and for anyone in the world, this kind of work is growing every day. When you hire someone, there is a good chance you could be hiring someone like me.

I love that instead of having to always travel to a client, we can jump into a GoToMeeting session anywhere and feel like we are together. This saves us both time and money and allows for greater productivity. Plus, it’s more reliable and professional than some other options.

The trick to being a solopreneur is to make sure you block off times to be productive, because you’re the only one controlling your calendar. In my experience, it is far too easy to let a day run away from me with calls, meetings and other events.

Lately, I’ve found it useful to schedule all my calls and meetings on two days each week and then set aside another as my content creation day. This is still a new work hack for me, but so far it has been highly productive and great for my sanity.

Another trait of solopreneurs is that we are always looking for new ways to collaborate and get all of our work done effectively. If you have suggestions or tips, please share them so we can all learn!


Photo credit: CC Chapman