How London’s Small Businesses Can Stop Worrying and Love the Olympics

Today we’re launching a new free eBook to help London’s small businesses not only survive the Olympics but also capitalise on new working opportunities.

The Citrix Guide for Surviving the Olympics outlines how to minimise disruption as well as how to make the most of new online working applications to enable staff to work with anyone, anywhere.

As an added bonus, Citrix’s collaborative working platform Podio and conferencing application GoToMeeting will be available free for the duration of the Games.

The greatest sporting event in the world is just a few short weeks away. And you can be sure that, right now, the world’s top athletes are pulling out all the stops to ensure they’re ready. For them, the Games represent the culmination of years of intensive preparation. But how prepared are London’s businesses?

The results of our latest survey, published today, are surprising.

  • Nearly half (41%) of small businesses expect to suffer disruption.
  • Yet only one in five (21%) have put in place a business continuity plan and only 10% are adopting new working practices to minimise potential disruptions.
  • Of those expecting disruption, 87% expect it to have an adverse effect on productivity.

The challenges are undeniably immense. With London doubling its population from July until September, commute times will double or even triple. There will be extensive road closures. And with more ways to watch and engage online than ever before, it is likely there will be a sharp upsurge in unrelated digital activity on company time.

So it’s vital to be prepared with alternative ways of working. With Podio, GoToMeeting, and the Citrix Olympic Survival Guide, London’s small businesses can do just that.

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Photo credit: caitlinhouse