Big Events, Simple Execution: GoToWebinar Premier Event

You may not find evidence of it in medical journals, but growing pains afflict more than just children. Organizations suffer from them too. Even though growth is often a key measure of success, it requires constant rethinking and reorganizing.

So when your organization has communication needs, it’s best to invest in a service that provides painless scalability. And that’s what we aim to do at Citrix, as evidenced by our web conferencing tools.

GoToMeeting gives you one-click collaboration for everyday online meetings. GoToWebinar makes planning and hosting webinars a simple, do-it-yourself operation. And now we’re introducing GoToWebinar Premier Event, an extension of GoToWebinar that allows customers to host webcasts for events with up to 20,000 attendees and features professional support before, during and after your event.

GoToWebinar Premier Event is the result of our customers asking for ways to host large events on their timeline with a tool that would allow them to either show slides or incorporate slides and video for a truly professional experience for their viewers. With GoToWebinar Premier Event, our customers can take advantage of a single vendor relationship with Citrix and satisfy all of their collaboration needs.

Here’s some of what GoToWebinar Premier offers:

  • Scalable to thousands of viewers
  • Pay per event or purchase a bulk event plan
  • Option to stream live video of the event
  • Mobile access from iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Playbook

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about GoToWebinar Premier, read this fact sheet, visit our website or contact us for a free demo toll-free at 1 866 962 6492.