3 IT Myths about Video Conferencing

Desktop video conferencing has finally hit the tipping point thanks to recent improvements in quality, cost, bandwidth and compatibility. Gone are the days of expensive, proprietary equipment anchored to a room or a big mobile cart. Now the necessary hardware and software are built into standard laptops or available on your desktop for cheap. In addition, smart detection of computer horsepower, bandwidth and mature compression means great quality without an overloaded Internet connection.

In the video below, I dispel these common myths about video conferencing:

  • Myth #1: Video conferencing is expensive and difficult to set up
  • Myth #2: Social/free video conferencing is usable for business
  • Myth #3: Video conferencing devours bandwidth and offers poor quality

IT has always been and will forever be a quickly changing industry. Improve your company by learning how to embrace these transformations and harness the power of new technology to break through old technology myths.

Photo Credit: Yael Beeri