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12 Ways Social Media Can Help You Get The Most Out of Your Webinar

Love it or hate it social media is here to stay.

And it’s a powerful tool in your webinar arsenal. From driving webinar registrations to boosting webinar engagement– it’s time to get your social media presence to work for you.

To give you a headstart, here are 12 tips for getting the most out of your next webinar with social media.

Before the Webinar

Set your next webinar up for success with some key social media strategies.

1. Pick your webinar hashtag.

Make your webinar hashtag simple, easy to remember, and short enough so it doesn’t take up too many of those precious characters on Twitter. If you host webinars regularly, or semi-regularly, use one hashtag for all your webinars. This way your audience gets used to seeing it and will remember it more easily. In case you were wondering, our own webinar hashtag is #WebinarWranglers 🙂

Use the hashtag on all of your social media promotions — especially on Twitter! Also, include it in your landing page copy so registrants know they can share their experience and ask questions during the webinar. You can simply add a secondary CTA at the bottom of the landing page that states participants can “join the conversation” on Twitter by following the webinar hashtag.

2. Get the social media profiles for any special guests.

If your next webinar features a guest speaker or a panel of experts, get their social media profiles ahead of time. Include their Twitter handle on the webinar landing page along with their photo. Then mention your speakers on Twitter so you can tap into their audiences and increase visibility.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.52.56 PM.png

3. Schedule a series of social posts to drive registration.

Drive webinar registration with scheduled promotion (organic and paid) across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create a variety of posts that include high-quality imagery, compelling content, and a clear CTA. Use a social media management tool like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer to consistently schedule these webinar posts in the days leading up to the webinar.

4. Include social share buttons on the webinar registration page.

Encourage your webinar registrants to share the upcoming webinar with their social media networks. Include social share buttons on the thank-you page for the upcoming webinar. Populate the share button content with actionable posts so your registrants can help spread the word about the webinar and drive more sign-ups.

5. Create an eye-catching image for social promotion.

There’s no question about it: Images rule social media. Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images according to Buzzsumo. And Buffer research shows Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets.

It’s worth your time to create a social media image that communicates all important information in an eye-catching way. Make sure you create separate images optimized for each social media channel.

If you want to really go a step above of the rest, you can create a short teaser video promoting your webinar and share it across your social profiles.

6. Encourage special guests and employees to share the webinar landing page.

Your webinar guests and employees are your greatest asset for spreading the word about your upcoming webinar on social media. In fact, LinkedIn reports that employees have 10x more connections than a company has followers. Create a couple posts for your panelists and employees to copy and paste to share with their social networks.

Make sure each post is in the optimal format for the specific social network for increased engagement.

During the Webinar

Push the experience beyond the webinar with social media.

7. Include your Twitter handle and the webinar hashtag in the footer of webinar slides.

Encourage webinar participants to share their experience in real-time by including your Twitter handle and the webinar hashtag in your housekeeping slides and/or the footer of your webinar slides. Remember to tell participants that social media engagement is encouraged and welcome. Also, include a reminder at the end for participants to follow you on social media — those extra followers pay-off.

8. Share key points/slides from the webinar in real time. 

In addition to encouraging participants to share their experience on social, share highlights from the webinar in real-time on your company’s Twitter account. Here’s an example of a Tweet we shared during a recent webinar we hosted along with GoAnimate about how to use video in your webinar.

This way your Twitter audience can follow along even if they aren’t in the webinar, and they can help spread your content. But don’t just use social media as a megaphone — make an effort to respond to or retweet commentary from webinar participants.

But don’t just use social media as a megaphone — make an effort to respond to or retweet commentary from webinar participants.

9. Real-time monitoring for questions and comments.

Webinars are a team effort. Have a member of your team on hand to monitor Twitter for questions and comments about your webinar. If they get questions on social media they can let the webinar host know so they can address them.

10. Thank guests and participants for joining the webinar on social media.

After you wrap up yet another successful webinar, don’t forget to thank guests and participants on social media. Make sure to tag or mention special guests in the posts. You can also include any parting information like when people can expect to access the webinar recording.

After the Webinar

11. Share the webinar recap blog post on social media.

Every successful marketer knows a webinar is capable of being transformed into several pieces of content such as SlideShares, infographics, blog posts, and more. Make sure to share all of the webinar-related content with your social media audience. And again, don’t forget to include the webinar hashtag. The hashtag will serve as a connection to all of the previous related content you’ve shared.

12. Reshare key points/slides from the webinar and include a link to the landing page.

Don’t let all of the great stats and imagery from the webinar go to waste after the live webinar. Schedule posts featuring imagery and stats from the webinar. Take a look at this example of a stat we repurposed from our latest webinar:

If you want to drive new leads, be sure to make your webinar available on-demand and include the link to the landing pages in your social posts. You can spread out the posts over the next couple months so you don’t run the risk of generating audience fatigue with your social media audiences.


13. Offer a prize for the best Tweet from the webinar.

Create a contest to encourage more participation with webinar attendees on social media. It’s as simple as offering a gift card or swag for the best Tweet from the webinar. Everyone loves free stuff, and a Tweet is a small ask. Get ready for the Tweets to come pouring into your webinar when you offer a small prize.

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