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New upgrades for you (since you asked so nicely).

GoToMeeting from Your Smartwatch  

Have you ever found yourself saying lines like these? “I love GoToMeeting, but that user interface looks sooo 2005.” “Ugh, if only saving meetings didn’t suck up all the bandwidth of my next meeting.” “I just bought a smartwatch. I should be able to use GoToMeeting on it.” We understand — we were thinking the same thing. And good news! We just finished updating these items. Updated Interface It’s amazing … Read more>

Break This Rule: #3 – Practice in Front of a Mirror


Mirrors are just a one-person show. Practice often, out loud and on your feet! Practicing in front of a mirror sounds like great advice. We don’t know what we look like when presenting, and videotaping is not always possible, so why not? This rule is one that everybody knows is “right.” Wrong. A mirror makes you self-conscious and never gives you the ability to get out of your head and … Read more>

Face Time: 4 Ways to Make an Impression while Working from Home


A year after the Great Recession reared its ugly head, my biggest account of nearly three years terminated our contract. At the time, I was the head of news, principal feature writer and editor-at-large for IDG’s second-largest media property. During my tenure, I managed a small team of remote reporters, oversaw the production of thousands of stories and grew web traffic by 15% in a saturated market. But it wasn’t … Read more>

Two Citrix Solutions. One Happy Law Firm.


CritelliLaw has been a tech-savvy law firm since its inception in 1967. The boutique firm continues to leverage the latest technology to level the courtroom floor as they take on bigger players. ShareFile and GoToMeeting have proven invaluable for the firm’s success. CritelliLaw relies on ShareFile to keep their data secure. It also lends a weighty advantage in the courtroom: With ShareFile, CritelliLaw possesses the data to prove who has, … Read more>