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The New Three-Martini Lunch: Walk and Talk


We’ve all heard of the power lunch, the time-honored office custom in which Important People break bread and decide Important Things. Or the company golf outing, a tradition known to bind rank-and-file employees and executives alike. But, as old-school business rituals go, neither the power lunch nor the golf outing attract the same level of retro-infused reverie as the three-martini lunch. Served with or without a slab of red meat, … Read more>

New Name, Same Thing: Work-Life Blending Is All About Balance

I tried work-life blending for six years. It sucks. It’s nothing more than a new term coined by self-absorbed workaholics to justify their personal regrets, negligence and imbalances in life. Now let me tell you how I really feel. The phrase “work-life balance” entered our lexicon when faxes reigned supreme: the 1980s. Knowledge workers, globalization and computer networking went mainstream that decade, and with it, the temptation to work ‘round … Read more>

Feeling Thankful: A Rescued iPad and Great Customer Service


Sometimes, even we are pleasantly surprised by the way our products and our team make our customers’ lives a little easier. It all started a couple months ago when Jennifer, a cloud-computing professional from the Seattle area, left her iPad on an Alaska Airlines flight. Anyone who has ever been tired after a long trip knows how easily this can happen. And you also know what a headache it can … Read more>

A present day merry tale: Sharing memories with GoToMeeting


“Oh Nicholas, you’ve really outdone yourself!” Mrs. Claus squealed as she looked at each and every memory hanging over the hearth. The photos that Santa had framed for Mrs Claus’ Christmas gift was just perfect. There was their surprise anniversary dinner at The French Laundry and there they were with all the grandkids (and some curious kiddos who’d almost figured it out) at Disneyland and so many more happy moments! … Read more>