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Do Your Teleworkers Feel Excluded? 3 Ways to Bring Remote Workers Into Your Office


One-fifth of Americans now telecommute, with the number expected to reach 60 percent in the next five years. As working from home goes mainstream, business leaders are tasked with a variety of new challenges, from ensuring workers remain productive to effectively communicating through phone conversations and email. Another issue gradually emerging is the exclusion that occurs when workers aren’t in the office. In the current work environment, the vast majority … Read more>

How to Overcome the Side Effect of a Work-From-Home Lifestyle


We’ve all heard the stereotypical and sometimes mistaken conceptions about remote workers: We all hang around in pajamas until noon. We wear bunny slippers with business suits for meetings. And we are all constantly struggling to balance time and attention among kids, work and that leftover lasagna in the refrigerator. As a remote worker and self-employed businessperson for much of my career, I have actually been known to wear slippers … Read more>

New upgrades for you (since you asked so nicely).

GoToMeeting from Your Smartwatch  

Have you ever found yourself saying lines like these? “I love GoToMeeting, but that user interface looks sooo 2005.” “Ugh, if only saving meetings didn’t suck up all the bandwidth of my next meeting.” “I just bought a smartwatch. I should be able to use GoToMeeting on it.” We understand — we were thinking the same thing. And good news! We just finished updating these items. Updated Interface It’s amazing … Read more>