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Remote Team Building: Trust, Communication and Human Interaction


In a March 2013 CNBC interview, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh joined the ranks of other high-profile CEOs in speaking out against telecommuting following Marissa Mayer’s infamous work-at-home ban for Yahoo employees. Hsieh proclaimed that working remotely was counterintuitive to building a strong corporate culture, stating that Zappos encourages personal relationships outside of work to help build trust and, subsequently, improve productivity. While those of us who support working at home … Read more>

Using Social Media to Promote Your Webinars

“Social is no longer just about  

Social media has transformed the way we get and give information. Want to publish something to the public? No longer do you need to visit the editor in the corner office. No longer do you need to run your tape by the radio station. No longer do you need to pitch your film to the studio executive. Everything can be shared online with few barriers — but many potential benefits … Read more>

Break This Rule: #4 – Picture the Audience in Their Underwear


Stupid visuals distance you. Connect with your audience! (Who really wants to visualize Bob from accounting in his underwear?) I’ve heard them all. Participants in my workshops tell me they’ve been instructed to not only picture the audience in their underwear but also in chicken suits, or with silly propeller hats, or as monkeys. Stop! Do everything you can to understand your audience. Do everything you can to make sure … Read more>

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