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5 GoToMeeting Features You’re Not Using (Yet)

“How did you do that? More importantly, how can I do that?” After seven-plus years of working with GoToMeeting, I thought I knew it all. Yet there I was, looking at a co-worker with a headshot next to their name in the GoToMeeting control panel and having no idea that that was even possible. Also, I was jealous. Turns out there are lots of little GoToMeeting features that most people … Read more>

Why Toll-Free Audio Is a Win-Win for You and Your Audience

Fun new speed-dating study result: Nearly half of women decide whether a date has the potential to become a partner within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. The men who failed to bring their A game were quickly dismissed. First impressions are important in business, too. Email subject lines have three seconds to impress before being deleted. Websites have three-to-five seconds to hook an audience before they move on … Read more>

The Best Business Leaders Are Persuadable

The Next Crop episode 5 is live, and in it author Al Pittampalli asserts that business leaders need to be persuadable to keep up with the speed of business. Pittampalli says with markets and technology changing at a rapid speed, you have to be willing to change with it if you want to keep up. Being persuadable is as important and as being persuasive. Watch episode 5 to hear his … Read more>

Clarity Puts Global Sales in Its Sightlines with GoToMeeting

“Recently I started the morning with a presentation in London, moved on to another presentation in New York and, later that evening, presented to Hong Kong,” recalled Rob Sykes. Wait, is Sykes a cross between Marty McFly and Phileas Fogg? No, he’s the tech-savvy and resourceful president of Clarity. From its headquarters in Calgary, Canada, Clarity sells its web-based content and training tools to businesses worldwide. And it’s not a … Read more>