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Break This Rule: #5 – Open with Your Introduction and Close with Questions


Sound like a dreaded college lecturer? BOOKENDS will hook your audience and send them out singing! The most important moments in your presentation are the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds. I call them bookends. The opening hooks your audience and gets them interested, and the closing sends them out energized by your message. Bookends are critical to audience perception because of the recency and primacy effects, which … Read more>

Convoi Makes Collaboration With Remote Teams Easy

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Are you someone who works in the field, whether in retail, sales, public safety, security or construction? Or perhaps you’re involved, along with others, at your child’s school, in sports activities or at church events? You’re part of a team or a group, but you’re not always together. You’re constantly on the go and mobile in every sense of the word. You may sometimes carry a laptop or iPad, but it’s … Read more>

5 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

As a leading psychologist, Shawn Achor has spent two decades studying happiness and positivity. His bona fides include being an award-winning researcher and teacher at Harvard, best-selling author on the subject and popular TED lecturer. So when he speaks, you should listen. For instance, Achor asserts our circumstances — age, race, gender, social status and wealth — only account for 10% of our happiness. The rest is determined by our … Read more>

Remote Team Building: Trust, Communication and Human Interaction


In a March 2013 CNBC interview, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh joined the ranks of other high-profile CEOs in speaking out against telecommuting following Marissa Mayer’s infamous work-at-home ban for Yahoo employees. Hsieh proclaimed that working remotely was counterintuitive to building a strong corporate culture, stating that Zappos encourages personal relationships outside of work to help build trust and, subsequently, improve productivity. While those of us who support working at home … Read more>