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The Evolution of Corporate Learning

Training programs have come a long way since John Henry Patterson first thought to “train” his sales force. The story goes that Patterson, founder of the National Cash Register Company (NCRC) in the late 19th century, visited his sales team at the World’s Fair in Chicago only to find them completely ignorant of their product and its value proposition. He quickly established the first formalized training program on NCRC’s campus. … Read more>

Break This Rule: #2 – Give Informational Presentations


That’s about as exciting as watching grass grow. Take action! Why would you break all the rules you took the trouble to learn in your presentation skills class? Because they’re awful! Many rules bind us up and make us boring. Be yourself and you’ll be so much more effective. One of the most problematic rules out there is number two: Give informational presentations. Well, that sounds obvious. Don’t 95% of … Read more>

Read This Before Your Next Webinar and Rejoice


The best advice I’ve been given as a content marketer is to test, test, test. Headlines, formats, platforms — they should all be tested. So we do, and I’m sure we’re better content marketers for it. But today, we can all retire our testing hats for a while, because we found test results to some of your most pressing webinar questions. Thinking about shortening your webinar? Curious what time and … Read more>

Tips from Citrix Sales Reps for Video Meeting Sales Success


In a recent survey of Citrix salespeople, 100 percent of salespeople said their sales meetings improved from using video conferencing in place of the phone or screen sharing alone. “Face-to-face collaboration has made a big difference in building rapport, confidence and trust with the client,” said Paul Chapman, a corporate sales representative for Citrix.. Perhaps that’s why in a separate Citrix test of webcam effectiveness, salespeople who connected with prospects … Read more>