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It’s All Fun and Games Until the Reindeer Run Off

Finally, Santa’s Naughty or Nice list was in order. He could now kick back with a few cookies and a cup of good cheer. Or at least, that was what he was going to do until he noticed the antlers of eight reindeer trotting by his workshop window. “Oh, sugar cookie!” he muttered. “They’re not supposed to be outside right now! Why aren’t they resting up for the big day?” … Read more>

Santa’s Secret to Making His List and Checking It Twice, Even on Vacation


All Santa wanted to do was enjoy his well-earned vacation, but it wasn’t to be. “Oh, holy night!” Santa sighed in less-than-jolly frustration as he realized that his sunglasses weren’t the only thing he’d left back at the North Pole. He’d forgotten to review his final list with the Head Tinker, and the Reindeer Wrangler had emailed a laundry list of questions! Thankfully, Mrs. Clause was taking a leisurely swim … Read more>

New features for iOS, Android, Mac and PC


We love it when our peeps in the tech community build something cool and new. It gives us a chance to put our own spin on things, a challenge we’re always willing to accept. Like wearables — we were the first to integrate your Android Wear smartwatch to your online meetings. And now we’re exploring the new continuity frontier that Apple has set up between its computers, tablets and smartphones. … Read more>

Is Your Workforce Ready to Go Mobile?

The Future of Work is high tech and — perhaps most importantly — mobile. From the smallest startup to the largest international corporation, companies are embracing mobile technology. It allows for on-the-go access to information, increased productivity, flexibility for where and how work gets done and improved customer support. So is your company mobile ready? Here are five things to consider as you prepare: 1) Recognize the surprising value of … Read more>