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“The Next Crop” Episode 3 Featuring Social Enterprise Champion Hugh Whalan

The Next Crop episode 3 went live this week and, as usual, we have the bonus content from that episode. This week’s guest is Hugh Whalan, CEO of Persistent Energy and serial entrepreneur of businesses in developing countries. Inside the new episode he speaks to his work in social enterprise and how the for-profit social enterprise is creating new business opportunities that non-profits don’t. In the bonus video, hear Whalan’s … Read more>

From Hundreds to Thousands: One Company’s Webinar Series Success

Pinpointe loves to share its marketing savvy. The Silicon Valley-based company provides email marketing automation software to mid- and large-size businesses so they can make smarter decisions about the email and content they send. Pinpointe also offers customers and potential clients email marketing advice through its blog, email blasts and webinars. In fact, the webinar series have been super popular with customers, and Citrix GoToWebinar helped make it possible. The … Read more>

Tell Better Stories. Win More Business.

We’ve all been there: You spend time putting together your presentation only to feel nervous while delivering it and somehow kind of empty afterwards. It’s just didn’t reach your audience (or worse, your boss) the way you hoped it would. You’ve seen the opposite scenario, too: When a presenter nails it, the audience gets it. It flows. It just works. But how do you get there? To find out, we … Read more>

Basecamp CEO Jason Fried Isn’t Pursuing Growth. He’s After Greatness.

You might not expect to hear an endorsement of “slow, consistent growth” from a speaker at a conference designed to help business owners achieve accelerated growth. But that was the phrase Jason Fried chose to open his comments at the GROWCO conference, which Inc. hosted May 20-22, 2014 at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Founder and CEO of Basecamp, Fried is also a columnist at Inc. and co-author … Read more>