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Meet the modern meeting.

What would you do to make online meetings better? We posed a simple question to our customers: what could we do to make online meetings better? The answers were pretty straight-forward: Make it faster. Make it simpler. Make it more powerful. So that’s exactly what we did. Meetings reimagined. We trimmed our industry-leading design of all excess clicks and clutter, keeping all the key features within one click. Then we … Read more>

Why Your Experience Matters (a Lot) in Online Meetings.


GoToMeeting is changing for the better. We’re rolling out a new design for Windows this month that’s going to make hosting meetings simpler and more productive. We sat down with William Lau, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Citrix, to bring you the lowdown on what’s new and how it’s going to revolutionize your online meetings. Redesigning a mega-popular service like GoToMeeting is a big, brave undertaking. What spurred the change? … Read more>

It’s never too late to start your career over


“I’m too old to get another job. Who would hire me?” Oh, really? Tell that to: Ronald Reagan, who transitioned from acting to politics in his 50s and became president of the United States. Former farmwife Laura Ingalls Wilder, who switched gears to start writing the Little House on the Prairie series of novels at age 64. Grandma Moses, who didn’t begin painting professionally until she was 76. OK, so … Read more>

3 Insights on Managing Growth Every Startup Needs to Know

Growth is the goal of every business, whether it’s decades old or barely out of its incubation period. After all, if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. But managing growth is just as important as going after it—too much or too fast can damage your business as surely as it can move it forward. Here are some insights from the folks who have first-hand experience with the challenge of growth. You’ll … Read more>