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3 Ways Work Has Changed and What We Should Do About It

The world of work is changing on many fronts. There are new technologies, new forms of organization and new forms of commerce. We have much greater mobility, more places to work  and an increasing desire to have more control over our working lives. In the face of such rapid change, it’s worth stopping for a moment to ask, “What will work be like in 10 years’ time?” Will it be … Read more>

3 Ways to Try the New and Improved GoToMeeting Free

Today GoToMeeting Free got even better. The free online meeting tool that requires no software, download or plug-ins and has until now been available only on Chrome, is now available on Firefox with built-in file sharing. No account is required and it takes two seconds to start the meeting. If you’re curious how to use GoToMeeting Free, here are three ways we recommend giving it a spin. The one-on-one-catch-up meeting … Read more>

3 Reasons to Hit “Record” (and 3 Tips for Better Recordings)

As a devotee of handwritten notes, I’ve had quite a bit of experience flipping through my legal pad only to wonder, “Is that a sentence? What word could that possibly have been?” Life may be a little simpler for typing enthusiasts, but the fact remains that when we take notes on a dynamic conversation, something’s lost in translation. And in business, this can mean lost productivity. If you’ve ever spent … Read more>

Business Fitness Leaves Inefficiency Behind with GoToWebinar

Is Business Fitness, the specialty consultancy loaning its expertise to the small businesses and accounting firms of Australia, made up of a bunch of Michael Jackson fans? We don’t them well enough to say. But it sure seems like they took MJ’s “Man in the Mirror” to heart. You see, Business Fitness provides services to over 1,000 Australian firms — that service being, in layman’s terms, enhanced efficiency. Yet the … Read more>